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Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of the election campaign, I first want to thank Anthony my fiance for all his support. Also, my family, my friends and all the new friends I have made along the way.   All of you have helped support me on this amazing journey.   If you have already voted, I thank you.   If you have not voted, I ask you to please vote.   This election I feel is a turning point for Dartmouth Centre and for our municipality.

I am running because I want to put people first once again at city hall.  It is time to end the secret meetings, the ignored emails and the favouritism for particular groups.  I see the potential that is in our community.  We have amazing, talented people who are so passionate about our community.  I feel it is time that together we bring the vision forward.  We can build a community where no one is left behind and where every voice is heard.   Together, I believe we can unite our community and address that we have residents who’s basic needs are not being met.

We have challenges in Dartmouth Centre, and great opportunities to grow and transform our community.  However, we must be be ever vigilant that as we grow that we do not further push people to the fringes. Gentrification must be kept in check, and that together we build a truly inclusive community.  Let us build sustainable from an environmental, social and economic point of view.  I grew up in North End Dartmouth, and I have a passion for Dartmouth that many of you share.   I want to help make our community better for all.   We can make Dartmouth an even better place to work, live and play.   Together, let’s invest in people:

  1. Let’s have a world class transit system that integrates bus, ferry and active transportation routes.
  2. Support local business in Downtown Dartmouth. Explore the inequity in the commercial tax system.
  3. Protect green space: interactive green space that supports families, youth, seniors and young professionals
  4. Re-build the relationship between Dartmouth Centre and City Hall
  5. Keep gentrification in check: everyone in Dartmouth is important, regardless of your background

Together, with your support I want to move Dartmouth Centre forward.  Our time is now to build the most sustainable, welcoming and inclusive community.  On Election Day vote Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt for Dartmouth Centre – District 5


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Dear Friends,

We are so fortunate to live in this beautiful community of Dartmouth.  We have beautiful lakes and parks right in our backyard.  The love for community and care who show for others in Dartmouth is second to none.  We have a proud history of helping people, and providing ways to support people when they need it most.   On this beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, let us pause and give thanks for all we do have.

Let us give thanks that we live in a community that cares about their neighbour.  Let us give thanks that nature has be so kind to provide us with land to grow our food, lakes to quench our thirst; and an ocean that feeds us, protects us and gives us a place to play.   Let us give thanks to living in a country where we can make our voices heard without fear of being silenced.  Let us give thanks to our farmers and fisheries, who harvest the land and sea to nourish us.  Finally, let us give thanks that we live in a democracy where we can choose our path.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I ask all of us to pause, to connect with people in your life and in your community.  Together, let us speak of what we are thankful for.  Together, let us be proud of our accomplishments and our failures for they are both learning experiences.  On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so much: a wonderful fiance, supportive family and friends and for being able to share my hopes and vision for Dartmouth.

To all of you I wish as much happiness, love and community that you can handle.  I wish for everyone that even if hard times arrive in your lives, you will know you have a community of support.  I wish for everyone a dinner to celebrate harvest time and to come together around food with people you care about.  Finally, I wish that if you know of anyone who could use a friendly hand; please reach out and share a meal with them.

Happy Thanksgiving Dartmouth

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